Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daniel's 3rd Birthday Party!

Wow! What a day! We celebrated your 3rd birthday with 85 of your closest friends!!!!! Tuesday is your "real" birthday so I will post more about YOU on that day.... Daniel, birthdays are SOOO HARD on mommy because as much as I love to see what an incredible little boy you are turning into it and love every new stage that has come along our path the past three years, birthday's remind me that we are 1 year away from loosing our little boy! I am sure I will love having a teenager, picking out your 1st car with you, then we will be your biggest cheerleaders and support system when you are in college and choosing a career, and then one day when you choose your wife and hopefully make me a Grandma=)... it will all be great BUT I LLLOOOVVVEEE having a little boy and I couldn't imagine my life without you! Thank you for making my life long dream of being a stay at home mom 3 years ago.... I wouldn't trade 1 day for anything!

So, we started our morning off singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Daniel a thousand times... he was sooo happy and giddy the whole morning and Brendon and I were just soaking in every minute of it along with his giggles and huge smiles - he knew it was HIS day!

A year ago... we found out we were pregnant with his little sister and now she is here! Honestly, I think he would say that she is his greatest gift as he ADORES her!

All ready for the party... in the garage and loading the cars up!

My baby boy (with his eyes closed!)

Our princess in her princess crown shirt, tutu and matching headband!

Auntie with her niece and nephew!

Our Little Fireman!

I think you could say we were blessed with "great" weather for Arizona in July... it was below 90 degrees but the humidity was 75%!

His friends arriving for the Fire Station Tour!

Uncle Aaron and Daniel!

Fire men's TV room!

Trying his best to "educate" the toddlers on fire safety!

Kenzie and Sophia!

Colin's daddy is a firefighter!

Libby and her daddy & Christie and Logan

Sheila and Kai!

Cutie Pie - Trey!

The fire station tour... the hallway with all the fireman's bedrooms and bathrooms! It reminded me of college!

Their kitchen in the background - this is the newest fire department in Chandler! The firemen gave the kiddos all kinds of cute things at the end of the tour!

The fire station wasn't big enough to hold everyone at once so we divided everyone into 2 groups... this is the 2nd group arriving!

Checking out the cool "toys!"


The 2nd group having their safety talk in the fireman's TV room/ lounge!

Turning the engine lights on!

They even brought the hose out and let the kids spray it!

Katelyn fell asleep in Leigh Anne's arms... UNTIL the firemen turned the sirens on and honked their horns really loud!

My brother will be 15 this October... and he had his 3rd birthday party at the fire station in Huntington, New York! So, this was a very special birthday as I had many, many flashbacks from 12 years ago when we were doing this with him! Sniff! Sniff!

My brother holding Daniel's ears so that he doesn't get to scared from the sirens and horns!

Kiddos were not too happy about the loud noises at the end!

Then... off to Pizza Factory we went for a pizza party! I love how Katelyn is looking at her auntie and smiling!

We had lots of toy fire trucks for the kids to play with!
They even had a little arcade area at the Pizza Factory!

Not only did we take over the party room, we practically took over the restaurant!

One of Daniel's favorite foods... pizza!

Leigh Anne baked 2 dozen cupcakes... I baked 8 dozen! The first 2 dozen I forgot to put water in the mix so those flopped and I threw those out... then, I tried to make red frosting and it turned out pink... I am sorry, Daniel, that you had pink frosted cupcakes at your party!

Who would have thought 3 years ago when the doctor laid you on my chest that we would have had this amazing journey to this day?

Daniel and his friend Eli!

I am so glad that you are had such an awesome day! We are so honored to be your parents and can't wait to see what this year holds for us!


Jessica Stoker said...

So cute, he really is such a great kid. We had a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

Ok...thanks Danielle. I think this is the first time I have cried over any blog! I wish I could have been there!!! he is getting so big!

The Parke Family said...

So much fun and that pic of Daniel on the fire truck needs to be framed. It is amazing!!!

You rock Mama!

Matthew, Meghan, Madeline, & Marabelle said...

What a VERY special birthday Daniel!!! Happy 3rd Birthday!!!