Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 months old!

Yeah! I know I am behind... August 7th Katelyn turned 4 months old! I had to cancel her 4 month old well check up as we were in Sedona/ Flagstaff but we go tomorrow so I will have her stats then=) She is still the happiest baby ever... so content with life... so much joy and spreads it to everyone around her with her contagious smile! She has two bottom teeth, she sleeps INCREDIBLE now (we did go through a fairly rough patch this month!) nurses amazing, loves her brother and he loves her, and she has FINALLY "Chunked" up! I am just squeezing and cuddling all 150 of her fat rolls and chubbiness - it is just too cute!

She is still has no hair but I didn't have hair until I was 1 year old so I am not expecting anything until then as well... so, I totally dig that huge flowers and bows are in style right now for little girls as that works perfect for us! Then it hit me... one day when she is 18 and big flowers and enormous bows are out of style, she is going to hate that every single picture of her had her in one of those! So, here are a few of her without any head ornaments on... LOL!


... then I got out a little one!

I just couldn't take it anymore... out came the mammoth size one!

Just wait... Janelle just made me the cutest headband I have ever seen and it is GIGANTIC! Pictures coming soon!=)

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