Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break... Week #2

*** Just a note... Spring Break - Week 1 is a post that got buried so you will have to go back to some way older posts because I started it a long time ago but I never finished it so it got buried with newer posts=)

Once again, we didn't do much this week.... Monday we had plans to go to the zoo or meet some friends at a park but it rained the whole day!

So, Wednesday we met up with my friend Kim again because her daughter was on Spring Break for two weeks too. They came over.... Kim loves taking photographs so she took some of Katelyn as her 1 year photos and I loved how they turned out! Then we took the kids to Chick-fil-a and just had a fun afternoon.

Katelyn loves crawling through things... we have a tunnel in their playroom and she loves crawling through it. Daniel was completely opposite as a baby... he HATED going through tunnels! So, here she is discovering she can crawl through her exercauser!

So, Thursday we met up with Christie and Logan at the park because he was having his 4th birthday party on Saturday but Daniel wasn't going to be able to make it because he was going to be going camping with Brendon for the 1st time! We had a "mini" birthday party at the park and that made for a fun afternoon too!

When I got home from work on Friday, Brendon and Daniel headed out to go camping with some friends and Katelyn and I had "girl" time at home!

So, I taught her about her babies! I showed her that her baby had a bed and we put the baby to bed and said, "Night! Night!" Then Katelyn did the funniest thing EVER... she tried to take the baby out of its bed and roll herself into it! Thankfully my camera was right next to me so I could grab some pictures of this!

She managed to get herself into the babies' bed... LOL! If you remember back to a really old post, then you know this is the doll that I gave to Daniel right before Katelyn was born so he could have his "own" baby and I had found our dog Max curled up inside this baby's bed once! This baby's bed must be super comfortable for everyone to be fighting for it!

Then we spent the rest of the weekend getting things together for her 1st Birthday Party which was the following weekend! Here she is playing with some Easter Eggs!

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