Sunday, April 17, 2011

Parties, Parties, Parties!

I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I planned to do a Pampered Chef party at my house on a Tuesday night and Katelyn's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday!

Tuesday evening my friend Trudy Maples came over and did a Pampered Chef Party at my house... we had like 20 or 30 women here and it was a blast! She is the #1 Pampered Chef Consultant in the entire country!

Friday... Leigh Anne came over and helped me bake and get ready for the party!

Dipped Chocolate Sticks with Easter Sprinkles drying!

Marshmallow Pops Drying!

Cupcakes... some had little "Bird Nests" which were colored coconut flakes with speckled Jelly beans and some were "hatched" which were colored coconut flakes with Pink Peeps! Sooo cute!

The Birthday Girl keeping us company!
Thankfully, my friend Jill took pictures of Katelyn's Birthday Party which I cannot wait to post but I haven't gotten them back from her yet because she took 411 pictures! YEAH! Thankfully, Jill took those pictures because I didn't even have my camera at the party and didn't even get 1 picture on my own camera!

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