Sunday, July 18, 2010

4th of July Lunch!

I don't think the Fourth of July has EVER fallen on a Sunday before in my lifetime... maybe but I don't remember it! After church, our whole family had lunch at Rigatony's (one of our favorite Italian joints in Phoenix!) Katelyn looked soooooooooooooooo adorable that we got lots of pictures!

Obviously the sun was right in my face but we hardly get any family pictures so I had to post this one... even though the lighting is weird!

Daniel was going back to his "baby" days! Since this was Daniel's car seat when he was little... it just made me realize how quickly time goes by! He is so big now... he came home in this car seat when he was just a little peanut... sigh!

So, the story behind the picture below! I hardly ever get a picture with my babies because I am the only always taking them... so, I asked Brendon to take a picture of me with them and he takes FOREVER to take a picture because he has to adjust every single setting on the camera before he takes a picture which drives me NUTS! So, this also doesn't work when 2 out of your 3 subjects are 2 years old and under... unfortunately, Katelyn had wiggled out of my arms and you can't see her pretty face and Daniel was tired of smiling=)

The family!
Katelyn was being passed around the table so I could get pics of her with everyone and Daniel started needing some attention and started asking me why I wasn't taking his picture! My sister who has her master's degree in family counseling quickly pointed this out to me! I am sure she did this so that he doesn't have to have sessions with her in his adult years because of me traumatizing him so I started taking more pictures of him quickly! LOL!

Katelyn LOVES and ADORES my dad... she literally has full conversations with him and he just eats it up! So... we are trying to take a picture and these two are in their own world not even paying attention to us=)


My brother and Katelyn... these two are really sweet together as he is going to be a freshman this year and it is just so precious how she can make a teenage boy like him melt!

She was blessed to have both aunties and uncles at lunch with her!

Aunt Amanda & Uncle Christopher!

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Mark, Shannon,Trey, Boston, & Lola said...

By far my favorite outfit!!!!! She looked adorable!!!!