Sunday, July 18, 2010

This week....

Yes! She has a silky too and she snuggles with it at naptime and bed time... so sweet!

This week... Starbucks with a friend (no kids!), professional pictures taken of my babies together, Toddler McDonald's date with my babies, Bounce Jungle with friends on Wednesday...

Pause... so, I can state how much I love my mother! So, it is freakin' hot here right now! I have never minded the heat in AZ until this summer... this summer is a little out of control for me because I have a newborn! I would rather be pregnant in the summer (and I was with Daniel) than have a newborn in the summer because I feel so terrible getting her in an out of this heat and the worse is in and out of the heat of the car! So, my errands list was pages long because we were hibernating in the house but my mom said she would take the kiddos so I could run errands! It was a glorious day=)

Thursday we went to Toy Town with some friends... Daniel loved Jackson's baby sister Elizabeth! I know he was thinking that he can't wait for Katelyn to be as big as Elizabeth so he can interact with her more! Elizabeth is 10 months old and a cutie!

Daniel and Katelyn at Toy Town!

Katelyn and her buddy Quinn... he is 8 weeks younger but he weighs more than she does=) She is my tiny and petite little girl=)

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