Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meet the Creature!

Again... another amazing event sponsored by our city... Meet the Creature! This lady has a license to have exotic animals in her home and she brings them to the Environmental Learning Center to share with children. She reminded me of Dr. Doolittle!

Daniel is in the yellow shirt

Yes... she has a custom home in a gated community but this rabbit has full reign of her home... AND it is only half grown!

Little Birdies... she was feeding them

Daniel wanted to hold Katelyn so he could show her the animals too! I am so blessed that he really loves his sister... he transitioned into being a BIG brother so easy!

The lady also brought a skunk, a snake, and several other creatures but it has been a while back so I don't remember them all! However, when we told Daniel we were taking him to this... he had in his mind ZOO ANIMALS so he was actually disappointed because there were no giraffes or elephants! LOL!

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