Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bow Making and more!

Last Sunday, Katelyn wore this ADORABLE dress to church and I had to take some pics of her wearing it! The really cool thing about baby girl dresses is that they usually come with a diaper cover and I think they are just too cute! Typically, Katelyn is not a fan of tummy time but this afternoon she was all about it.

Angel Face! Just look at those eyes.... ohhhh! I am squealing inside with delight because she is just too perfect for me! This picture makes me want to go grab her out of her swing right now and kiss her face off!

My happy baby!

This post is going backward but I finally took a bow/ flower making class on Friday night with some friends and here is what I made! I am looking forward to making some more and taking more classes!

It is pretty much a given if I lay the play mat out for Katelyn that her big brother will be there in a quick second to lay under it with her! If Daniel could only verbalize how much he wants Katelyn to grow up quickly so he can play with her, but for now he just tries to find any opportunity to connect with her! He will lay with her for the longest time and talk to her, sing to her, bat the toys with her... it makes my heart stop for a moment and think - "THIS IS LIFE!"

Oh! How they love each other!
Last Sunday, I saw Katelyn doing this in the swing....
SO... Katelyn has a new trick now... as soon as I lay her on her back, she rolls on to her tummy and she hates tummy time so then she gets mad she is on her tummy! I have tried to explain to her that it is her fault... she rolled over but she is not listening!


Jill Carilli said...

I see so much of your Dad in that photo of Danielle next to her laughing. Your two kids are gonna look so much like brother and sister. I cant wait to see it! you are truly blessed honey.

The Juarez Family said...

Where did you take the bow making class? I would love to do that!