Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kim's Baby Shower

Yesterday, I had the honor to host Kim's baby shower at my house... Sue and Karen helped BIG time with all of the details, food, games, etc and I thought it turned out super cute! The theme was Baby Bling... if you know Kim, you know this fits her well! So, we put rhinestones on all the plates, cups and utensils! The colors were pink, black and white as those are the colors of her nursery.

Cupcakes that her sister and mom made... she loves the icing her mom makes... this past year, her mom made her a birthday cake and her dog ate it and she was so upset so I specifically asked her mom to re-make them so Kim could enjoy her cake she never had. Sue made the cutest cupcake toppers too (with rhinestones!)

Coffee/ Tea... the MacKenzie Childs platter worked perfect for the color theme!

Beverage Stations... Oh yes! We had Jessica's AMAZING Orange Juice!

Mirrors, candles, flowers with rhinestones... bling!

Desert Plates... bling!

Cups... bling!

Sign in Table... a journal for Kim, Baby Pool Guessing Game, Favors were Ring Pops and Lipgloss (Bling!) with cute tags made by Sue!

Sue also made the cute "Princess" Banner

The thing I am the most upset about is that I got NO pictures of Sue, Kim, Karen or I together... below is the only picture of Kim (the cutest pregger!)

All the ladies in the house!

Baby Taylor, we are ready to meet you now!


Jill Carilli said...

The shower was awesome. Thanks again for the great time. Kim's camera has the photo you are looking for of the four of you. xoxo

Danielle, Brendon & Daniel said...

okay.. I will have to get it from her... I also didn't get a picture of Katelyn from the shower but I am sure someone got her too=)