Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July Playdate

Daniel LOVES getting cuddles from his sister!

Daniel had his last gymnastics class in June and I don't plan on signing him up for any more mommy and me classes for a while because it is just too difficult to do them with Katelyn... plus he is turning 3 and most classes from this point on are not mommy and me classes. It is kind of bittersweet...

On Wednesday, we went to a cupcake decorating playdate... 4th of July theme and they have their OWN splash pad in their backyard! I have decided that we weren't going to do any pool/ swimming playdates this summer as it is too hard to get in the water with Daniel and keep Katelyn inside... I can't split myself in half to watch them AND when it comes to water, I NEED to be right there next to Daniel. I also feel Katelyn is too little to not have my full attention... needless to say, the splash pad was GREAT! I could stay inside with Daniel and not have to worry about Daniel=)

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