Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canyon Lake

My sister and Christopher came in the Wednesday before July 4th so on Thursday we headed to Canyon Lake and rented jet skies! Gosh! We had soooooooooo much fun! Our little princess had fun too... it was actually cooler at Canyon Lake and we had a covered armada to keep her out of the sun... she always had someone keeping her cool with a spray bottle, a cool wet washcloth, and even a little bucket with cold water to take a dip in every once in a while!

I was reflecting back on Katelyn's short life... and just thinking what a blessing she has been to us! NOT ONE TIME has she ever had a fussy moment or even a second where she could not be calmed... she literally has hardly cried... I know she CAN cry because her first couple of weeks, she was not a fan of her car seat or being in the car. I have really enjoyed EVERY single minute with her because she has been sooooooooooooo easy to love, to cuddle and to gaze upon!

So, our family loves speed and adrenaline! We took Daniel out on the jet ski for a "baby" ride... you know, nice and slow... not making a wake then Daniel was like, "What kind of ride is this? Let's go!" So, Brendon and I let down the throttle and we took this 2 year old on a "real" ride and he LOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD it! I couldn't believe it... the faster the better! I know many of you are probably shocked that I let Daniel go on that kind of ride given my very conservative parenting views but we all have our "areas" =) LOL!

Canyon Lake is BEAUTIFUL... and it is HUGE! You can just ride forever in the midst of the most beautiful mountains and rocks! The view is breathtaking and the water was sooooooooo cold and refreshing! The guys even did some cliff jumping and rope swinging into the lake!


Great times!


Jill Carilli said...

OMG I totally want to do there! I just need to plan it and go with the kids. Thanks for inspiring me.

Danielle, Brendon & Daniel said...

Jill, go! It is like an oasis in this desert!