Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday/ Sick Days

Superbowl Sunday... it was the beginning of sickness hitting our house=( We stayed home from church and Katelyn thought it would be fun to "un-fold" all the laundry I was folding!

Max stayed close by my kiddos that day... I think he knew that they weren't feeling that well. He was being very nurturing!

Oh! My Katelyn... she is into everything and climbing in, under, through and on everything!

Our Coffee Table is her favorite!

She is peeking through the glass on the top of the coffee table=)

We watched Church on-line... it was really cool but we missed being there live! We also missed the two Super Bowl Parties we were planning on going to=(

Since I couldn't take my babies to the gym, I took them for a walk everyday and they loved it!

Katelyn is an avid thumb -sucker and she also has a silky that comforts her... she has to have it to go to sleep and she only sucks her thumb when she goes to sleep to... I was the same way when I was a little girl=) Her little eyes look so sick here=(

We are very thankful that the sickness has left the Wilson House!

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