Saturday, February 5, 2011

Boucne Jungle!

So... a boy needs a play date to Bounce Jungle every once in a while... the energy that can be burned in this place in unbelievable! Leah, Jackson and Quinn came with us and these boys had a blast!

Honestly, I can't believe they can climb this by themselves now!

They were trying to con Leah and I into helping them because they didn't "know how" to do it... meanwhile they are 2 steps from the top... so we just looked at them and rolled our eyes and said something like, "you silly boys!"

And guess who is getting big enough to enjoy the "infant" section at Bounce Jungle? Katelyn and her buddy Quinn!

FYI: Wednesday's at Bounce Jungle is only $5!

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Jill Carilli said...

Dee, we love this place and I have a bunch of free passes. So let me know the next time you guys want to go and we will join you! :)