Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Single Mom!

Brendon really wanted to lead a team to Alabama to the area that was destroyed by the recent tornado.... I was a little nervous as I have never stayed 8 nights and 9 days alone with both kids! Fortunately, my parents really helped me out A LOT! One of them came over every day to assist in any way that they could!

Daniel has always loved my dad's motorcycle... from a distance! He has never wanted to sit on it or he wants to be far away when my dad starts it up because it is VERY LOUD! However, my two children couldn't be more opposite because Katelyn LOVES his motorcycle!

My parents watched them Monday morning while I worked then when I came home they treated us to lunch out!

Then that afternoon, we had Paris come over for the 1st time. She is our new in-home educator! She has her masters degree in Early Childhood Education and works for an organization called Parents as Teachers. She will come over weekly or bi-weekly and we will spend the 1st 45 min with Daniel and the 2nd 45 minutes with Katelyn and it is just time focused on them learning and developing. She brings the coolest and most creative toys, games, activities, etc for us to do together! WE LOVE HER and we LOVE when she comes over!

I will let the cat partially out of the bag but we are looking into sending Daniel to HOPE Christian Academy which is Home of Partnered Education, reflects a hybrid classroom/home school model which has children in school three days a week, and two days learning at home.

I have not completely convinced Brendon of this yet but in the mean time we are doing a lot of "home learning" and I love that Paris has come into our life and shows us how "at home" learning is so customized for each child.

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