Saturday, June 4, 2011

Q's Birthday Party

As you all know, Cake Pops are all the rage right now! They should be... they are sooooo delish! When I was at Q's Baptism Party a couple of weeks ago, Leah's mom bought her the Cake Pop Book and so we were looking through it and Leah said she was going to make these adorable lions for Q's Birthday! So, she invited me over to help her and learn together how to make cake pops! Well, they turned out AMAZING and so darn cute! However, they are very time consuming!

So, last Saturday was Mr. Handsome's 1st Birthday Party!

Katelyn and her buddy Aiden

There were only boys at the party except for little Addie and I promise you that Katelyn attached herself to her the entire party! It is amazing to me how much Katelyn LOOOOVVVVEEESSS older girls.... she is on the fast track to wanting to grow up ASAP!

Jillian is Addie's mom and besides the personal trainers at the gym, Jillian has the greatest body that I personally know! This girl is RIPPED! The pictures don't do her justice but her arms are perfectly shaped... let me not even start on her abs! She works out like a mad woman and she totally inspires me!

Happy Birthday, Quinten!

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