Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day... we have a tradition of going to Aaron and Leigh Anne's for breakfast!

Then we went home and busted out the "To Do" list because Brendon was going to be leaving for 9 days and we had a super crazy week coming up and it wasn't even that hot (at least for our Arizona blood) to swim:)

That evening we went over to my parents house and had a yummy BBQ!!!

We had TONS and TONS of graduations parties this weekend (one on Friday night, one on Sunday night, then 2 on the following Friday night and 1 on Saturday!

I decided there was too much going on this week to bust out the camera... LOL!

We also went out to dinner for Leigh Anne's birthday at her favorite restaurant... Serrano's and I went to a Baby Shower on Saturday and it was my dad's birthday on Saturday!

Yes, all these events also required me to get my hair done so Lauren came over on Wednesday and did "her thing!"

I am exhausted just remembering what a crazy week that was!

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