Sunday, June 19, 2011

Before and After

If you live in Arizona and have a lanai with a drywall ceiling then you probably know the maintenance that goes into it. It requires scraping and re-painting on a fairly regular basis.... or else it will start to look like this:

It drove my husband absolutely crazy... then one day our neighbors had us come over to show us what they just did to their lanai and we fell in love! So, we did the same thing.... ours was a little more involved as we decided to go from 2 lights to 8 high hats so the lighting is spectacular at night... also the lights are on a dimmer for mood lighting:) then we added two outdoor fans and 2 outdoor speakers (the speakers with streaming music creates mood setting as well.... especially when I have "The Wheels on the Bus" blasting in our pool area!!!!) It truly looks amazing!
We love and enjoy it so much!
(P.S. New flooring coming shortly too... stay tuned for more "after pics!")

We have decided that we do live at a resort....except the registered guests names' are Daniel and Katelyn Wilson and Brendon and Danielle are the resort "help!" We are their personal chefs, their concierge service, chauffeur, cleaners, laundry and dish help, stylists, their pool runners,etc.... you get the idea! LOL!