Sunday, September 19, 2010

Katelyn Fay

Yesterday, my heart literally almost burst inside my chest... I held her so tight and closed my eyes because my love for her was so overwelming! Every day as her personality blossoms and she is able to express her love more for us, it is the best thing that has ever happened to us! I just drink her up and get intoxicated on her love.

Most of you know that I am just as girly girl as it gets... I think I bleed pink, I love bling, I adore princesses... you get the picture! So, at 20 weeks old... what does Katelyn get? Painted Toes!

Our pediatrician does not recommend solids until 6 months but he said that we could try it if we think there is a chance we could get 12 hours of straight sleep out of her instead of 8 so we did... and SHE LOOOOOVVVEEEEDDD it!

She opens her mouth like a little birdie and you just better be ready with the shovel to pour it in! However, it didn't work and she still likes her nursing session at night=) So, we stopped giving it to her routinely until 6 months! However, she won't take a bottle very well anymore so if I have to leave her for a little bit, I leave cereal and formula to mix the cereal in and she will take that. I have a feeling I have a big eater on my hands!

Her new obsession... her toes! Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that she liked her pedicure too? hehe!

Baby girl, you have brought sheer delight and joy to my soul... I had super high expectations, dreams and fantasies about having a little girl and you have superseded anything I had imagined about having a little baby girl! Thank you for being such an amazing gift.

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