Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daniel's 3 year well check up

Daniel had his 3 year old well check up... and I am not sure if I got his exact numbers but he is 55% for weight and between 85 - 90% percentile for his height! He did amazing... after all, he loves Dr. Jones!

I had scheduled Katelyn's 4 month and Daniel's 3 yr visits for the same time but then I canceled them because we were out of town so then I couldn't get another appointment with the two of them together so she just got to tag along and look pretty!

Daniel was a little nervous as he hasn't had a check up since he was 2 years old but he did great! He was even mocking Dr. Jones before he came in and said, "Mom, I am Dr. Jones... 'Hey Guys! How are you doing? Daniel, you were a good boy... would you like a lollipop and a sticker?" I started cracking up laughing because he imitated him exactly in his voice, gestures, and everything!

There were no shots this time... just the routine flu shot which they didn't have in yet so Daniel just had a pleasant visit. However, as I sat in the exam room, I thought... Am I really sitting here for Daniel's 3 YEAR OLD CHECK UP? Was I not just in here for his 6 month check up and now he can imitate the doctor and ask me why there is a roll of paper on the exam bed? How do these kids grow up so quick and get so smart?

Daniel, you are just amazing...your heart is soooo beautiful! Like tonight, when you were so excited to get all of your lollipops from the treasure hunt at the birthday party... you ran up to me and asked me what color of lollipop I would like and even took one out to share with daddy later. You made my night because I know how important every lollipop is to you=) Love you, big boy!

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