Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vertuccio Farms

This is MiMi's last week with us... so yesterday we decided to do a family trip to Vertuccio Farms! Daniel was so excited to go! Unfortunately, Daniel has two favorite shirts and I am so sick and tired of seeing these two shirts over and over... I just want to hide them or never wash them so he can't ever wear them again! But, as I was thinking over my parenting philosophy... is there really anything wrong with him wearing the same ugly shirt over and over? No! So, why should I make him miserable or unhappy because of my pride of wanting him to be a little more "fashion forward!" So, I have decided that if this shirt makes him happy and he feels good in it, then he can wear it whenever and from now on, I will only buy him clothes that I absolutely love and wouldn't mind seeing over and over and over and over and over.... =)

This is definitely not Shnepf Farms but it is really cute and it is PERFECT for a 3 year old! He loved all the little games they had...

.... even "milking" a cow=)

Little Train Ride... so cute!

They also had this really cool "pedal car" race track

Near the petting farm...

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Jessica Stoker said...

She is getting so big, a little girl!