Friday, November 19, 2010

Amanda and Christopher Came to AZ!

My sister and her husband flew into Arizona on Thursday evening... with 11 of us total, my dad rented a 15 passenger van so we could all drive around together! How sweet and thoughtful, huh? We got some good laughs out of it and Daniel called it the "School Bus!" Friday afternoon we drove to Cave Creek and had lunch at the Horny Toad... let me just tell you how many times the restaurant name was repeated that day... LOL!

Had to get a picture of the van!

After lunch we went to Fountain Hills to walk around the festival they were having... I had one of the best caramel apples of my life! Holding hands with my best friend (my husband!), strolling with both of our precious babies and my entire family walking along side us... I was in total utopia!

Do you like Daniel's shades? Also, my dad let my brother skip school this day=)

Love making memories!

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Jill Carilli said...

How fun!! Love the van! Your Dad is so cool! :)