Thursday, September 15, 2011

J's 4th Birthday Party

Well... Hello Blogging Friends! I am way behind and I honestly have to say I have had no urge to blog... nope! Not even one iota of motivation to want to sit down and do this until tonight:) So, I am baaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

So, we are going back to August 20th.... it was a Saturday of celebrations!

First... it started out by going to my friend Michella's baby shower! It was so cute and so well planned and attended by some of my besties! Unfortunately, I had to leave early as Daniel had a birthday party to go to. We were also going to be bringing Katelyn along as Brendon was working on a huge design project for one of our clients.

The party was at Tumbleweed Rec Center

One thing about Katelyn is she is completely FEARLESS! She is very active and a gym style setting is perfect for her because climbing, crawling, jumping, running, etc is totally her thing!

J's mom made these really cute cupcakes.... the top is made out of a donut hole and a marshmallow.... so cute!

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

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