Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorating

So... the day after Thanksgiving is like my most favorite days ever! Why? I am not really a Black Friday shopper... I think I will do it one of these years for the whole experience of it but I love waking up early the day after Thanksgiving... making coffee, a big breakfast, putting on our Santa hats and turning on Christmas music and breaking out the Christmas boxes! Then... we decorate ALL day... this year, it actually took us almost two days because I am accumulating so much stuff=)

Daniel LOVES decorating the tree... this year he was very aggressive in wanting to decorate and a couple of ornaments saw their death=(

Daniel has a very unique way of decorating the tree... ALL the ornaments need to go on ONE branch! ... AND only the bottom 2 ft of the tree need to be decorated (According to Daniel!)
Well, here she is... Wilson Christmas Tree 2010!

Babies in their Santa Hats!

Daniel had a couple of items that he "put" our Christmas Decor List this year... he felt that we needed a train under our tree and we needed the Candy Canes in our yard that light up! It was just too cute that he actually had a "say" in "how" we should decorate that we bought both things for him! He LOVES the train under the tree!

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