Wednesday, February 22, 2017

May 26 - June 25 (17 months, 6 years and 8 years)

Daniel's class had broken into groups and wrote a puppet show then they invited the parents to see them perform!

Hanging out while Katelyn is in Dance...

Katelyn practicing for her recital!

One of my dreams came true - I got to go visit Magnolia Farms in Waco, Texas!

We ate at a couple of their food trucks which were totally delish!

The store was INCREDIBLE!

Joanna's favorite perfume!

At the checkout with a couple of goodies!

 Our friends Kirk and Shianne pastor a church and asked Brendon to come speak so this was a fun side trip we got to experience!

Daily Swim practice for Daniel being on the swim team...

I changed our chalkboard!

The girls playing at the MRA while Daniel is at swim practice!

Dance Recital Time!

She wanted lots of makeup!

I thought this picture was hillarious - all girl + all boy!

My babies!

Daniel had a Field Day at his school!

Katelyn's school had a dinner for all Kindergarten parents and then workshops on reading - it was really cool!  They even provided babysitting for us!

Katelyn's end of the year school party!

 Daniel's end of the school year program and awards!

Exciting news for Fusion is that we were checking out a movie theater to open our second campus!  

Katelyn's girl scout troop participated in a "mud run"

This year we got accepted into our local swim and tennis club which is called the MRA!

They have 3 pools and one is this awesome baby pool!

They also have an amazing snack bar!

Her baby in a cup!

We picked these two books as their summer devotionals!

Swim Meet!

Last Day of School!

Already Driving - watch out!

Mr. Clayton came by with his fun car and gifts for the kids!

Father's Day Dinner with these kids!

Beach Day!

MRA with friends!

They also have a diving well which our kids love and I think the view with the water in the background is beautiful too!

The snack bar - everyone's favorite!

And her summer body begins!  White buns!

Swim Meet - this meet was at a local school!

Our little yard helper!

Happy 17 months!

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