Thursday, February 16, 2017

9 months (September 26 - October 25)

Nothing like Fall Boating Day!

We found a beach to explore!

Ice Skating Birthday Party!

Daddy went away for for a conference so when he text to ask what we are doing - feeding the baby, doing laundry and watching the conference he is attending online:)

Yes, you may sleep in my arms... sweet one!

Happy Baby!

Mr. Bob and Mrs. Barbara treated us to dinner since Daddy was out of town!

We went to the Farm for some Fall Fun!

Meat sale at JR's - yes, people line up for this!

9 month pictures!

Into Mommy's magazines - guess it is time to move those!

Some much needed "Mommy Time!"

Sisters who are matching!!!!

Our little pumpkin!

Mommy and Grace matching in our vests!

Trying out the nursery at church and liking it!

Getting into the Fall Decorations!

Playtime with Baby!

Daniel's Fun Run at school and Harvest Party!

Since Katelyn only goes to school in the afternoon, we decided to hit the park by her school early.

Garage Sale Time!  It was time to purge our house!

Kids had a Hot Chocolate Stand!


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