Saturday, September 14, 2013


So... Daniel is still really into music, playing band... which requires a stage so the fireplace is where is inner rockstar comes out!

Katelyn... she is still our free spirit... like doesn't everyone wear a mitten and attempt peeling an orange with a plastic knife!

Daniel's Thanksgiving Feast at school... loving walking from my office to the festivities:)

Every once and a while, I like to swing by a kids photographer for some milestone pics:)

Thanksgiving this year was going to be a little different/ difficult than normal because we were away from our family for the first year.... however, there were several people we knew that didn't have family close so we were all going to have a big potluck Thanksgiving feast together.... except Brendon woke up VERY SICK!  He was in bed all day:(

So the kids played and we relaxed for the day....

Katelyn is still into playing Mommy/ Baby!

And I made yams/ sweet potatoes for the pot luck....
However, Brendon HAD to feel better in 24 hours because we had a family vacation waiting for us on the day after Thanksgiving!

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