Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fusion Church's 1st Fall Festival

So, less than 3 months of us being in New Jersey at Fusion Church... we did a HUGE Fall Festival!  I believe over 1000 people attended and reporters from the area were there covering all the festivities:)

But first... Daniel discovered a favorite pastime... staring at the bay... watching all the fishing boats, the pirate boat, the speed boat, the party boats, the jet skis, the coast guard boats, the police boats... it is a busy place and he has become obsessed!

Oh!  Don't mind our messy playroom:)

My babies all dressed up for the Fall Festival!

Trunk or Treat!

My Real Raggedy Ann Doll!

Lots of games and TONS of candy!

Lots of Live Music and Bands


 Balloon animals!

Lots of Inflatables!

Cherry Picker Rides.. there were "items" in the trees for the kids to "spy"

My Real Life Superhero!

They police, fire and paramedics came to show their various vehicles

 Our amazing "Fusion-ites"  aka "WORLD CHANGERS!"
 Face Painting

My man who happens to be an incredible leader and Pastor!

You can't tell from this picture but local businesses gave AMAZING gifts for us to give away!

Chili Cook Off!

Hay Rides!

Cafe was open!

Family Photos as well!

We were so proud of our church!!!

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