Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Relief!

Wow!  One of my favorite things about writing my blog is that it captures our life in pictures.... a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures have brought back a FLOOD of memories... most of all, I am reminded of God's AMAZING grace and faithfulness!

My husband and I and the team at Fusion Church decided that we were going to help as many people as we could... so the next few weeks of our life was consumed with the most amazing volunteers coming in from all over the country and helping the incredible residents of New Jersey!

Cleaning out our garage that was flooded

This was not a garage sale... this was cleaning out someones house...

Our son still tells me which houses he helped to clean out when we drive around town now.... 


Call Center... people could call in for help

Joyce Meyers ministries came in and interviewed this sweet lady who was stuck in her attic without electricity and no food... eating Halloween candy during the days of Hurricane Sandy.... this Joyce Meyers show still airs months later!

This ice cream truck felt that he needed to go around town and give out ice cream to any victims of Sandy or workers.... it is true that tragedy causes extreme generosity!

Our teams were being interviewed often with their amazing volunteerism!  
Again, SO PROUD of our church!

HOWEVER... let me tell you what completely AMAZED ME!  Our friends from Arizona started caring for US as a family... we started getting packages from friends and I would have to sit down after each one and think how blessed we were that not only was our main living areas spared of devastation but as we gave everything we had to our community, our friends started giving to us!  The generosity and love was completely overwhelming!

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