Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve! We started the evening off at Church then we came home and got our Reindeer Food....

Please notice our inflatable snowman that I won at the "Dirty Santa" Exchange (Daniel is OBSESSED with this snowman!)

Basically, Reindeer Food is oatmeal and glitter that is spread on the lawn so the reindeer know where to stop and have a little treat to eat as well! This was our 1st year doing this and Daniel dumped the reindeer food in one big pile and we didn't go back outside to pick it up and Daniel wanted to know why the reindeer didn't like his food because they didn't eat it! Gosh! This kid is just way too smart=)

Then it was back inside to put out cookies and milk for Santa! HERE WAS MY FAVORITE LINE FROM ALL OF CHRISTMAS.... When Daniel woke up on Christmas morning and came downstairs, I showed him that Santa had ate all his cookies and drank all of his milk and he wanted to know why he (Santa) didn't clean his dishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was the proudest mama around.... I knew all of my teaching and instructing him was working!

Then it was time to open 1 present - another Christmas Eve tradition!

I think Daddy loves these boy toys just as much as Daniel does! LOL!

Then it was time for Daniel to go to bed so the "elves" could get to work on assembling some of the toys for Christmas morning!

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