Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Season of Transition

A friend of mine from college is an amazing writer... she has a blog and her last post really hit home with me.  She is going through a transition of welcoming her 4th baby and we are in transition of living in a new geographical area and transitioning from our old support system and finding a new one.  She has a way with words so I have copied some from her last blog post.

 I find myself in a season of adjustment and change, at times on full display for all to see and other moments, behind the scenes.  A natural piece to little girls (and a little boy) with the sass and ugliness they can just tap into whenever they want, because it's there.  And a piece learned, watching their mama when the same ugliness is chosen over kindness and grace in her response. I am learning to embrace the rawness that seems so prevalent in this season.

 I think my love for behind the scenes, secrets revealed, and creativity unleashed, is the very thing I wrestle with of wanting it polished and perfected yet loving the messes and unforeseen created beauty He can make of it.  Behind the scenes is messy.  In between the meetings and gatherings, the house is grimy, and who needs a bath is measured by looking at finger nails because I can't remember when the last soaking was.

I love it.  I love it because it's us, it's real, and it's the perfect chance to even more embrace and boast of our weaknesses because in those, His power is made perfect.  Because our behind the scenes failures are surrounded by the Lord's grace and affection.

We are learning.  We are growing.  We are transitioning. 

After my parents left, I was on a mission to find a gym.  I toured every single gym in our area and we decided on the Ocean City Recreation Center.  It is a brand new facility which was important to me... I also wanted to find a gym that offered good classes and great childcare.  One gym had better classes but the child care facility was awful.  I am very happy with our decision as it is very close to where we live and the library is in the same building. After I work out, Katelyn and I typically go to the library to play on the computers, read books, do puzzles, etc.  I have to say that I really miss Fitness Works in Chandler... it was a great gym but this has all of the essentials and it meets our necessities.

Brendon was asked to speak at Elementary School chapel at Daniel's school.  Katelyn and I took this opportunity to come hang out too... of course, baby had to go to school too:)

 Daniel's teacher plays the guitar and sings so this chapel, Kindergarten led worship for chapel:)

I also met a girl named Heather that has two little boys and we met up for a park playdate

That Friday night was the "Back to School" BBQ... we had a great time meeting new people and spending time with friends
The next day Daniel had his 1st day of soccer... it was actually a soccer clinic taught by the pro team here.... I will say Ocean City Soccer is a lot more serious than Chandler Soccer

He also got invited to his 1st birthday party already... Jake from his Kindergarten class at a bowling place

Oh... I forgot to mention that I went to the Beth Moore Simulcast this day so Brendon had Mr. Mom duty   the whole day but he is AMAZING!  He can take the kids for a whole day and it is completely seamless.

When I got home, we walked to the grocery store to grab something for dinner.  Yeah, I love that... we can walk almost anywhere:)

I think he did a little "crabbing" that night too... when I tell you this boy is OBSESSED with "crabbing" I am not kidding!

After church on Sunday we came home and did a speed cleaning on the house as we had the ReDefine leaders over for dinner... fun group... Re:Define is for ages 25 - 35 so this is a rowdy group...LOL!

The following week I took advantage of Mrs. Connie's offer to watch the kiddos for us.  Tuesday she watched Katelyn and I got to work with Brendon at the office.

Thursday... we did a park playdate with Heather again then at night was Back to School night and I loved hearing his teacher talk about her plan for the year... I am so excited for all he is going to learn.  She started the meeting by having us take a quiz about our children... like what they want to be when they grow up, their favorite memory, favorite food, etc.  Then she handed us a book they made for us that was titled "All About Me" and the answers were in the book... yeah, I almost burst into tears:)

Friday nights Daniel has Soccer Clinic then Ruben and Ili invited us for dinner along with the DeNick's... these two families have been such good friends to us.  One of those nights, you throw bed times out the window because the kids are playing so well together and the adults are laughing until their bellies hurt!

Saturday morning = soccer game!

And Katelyn had her 1st dentist appointment:) Let's just say that I went into this appointment nervous... I talked to her about it a lot and she walked into that appointment completely confident.  I was so proud of her!

 She definitely has a "Diva/ Princess" side... an example would be the light was shining in her eyes and she asked that it be moved.... so this sweet man put his hand up to block the light from her eyes...LOL!
 All done!
 Point to your teeth!  
Saturday night, we had our first official date night!  YEAH!  Bob and Barbara Gilmour came over and we got to enjoy a fun night out:)

This past Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles played the Arizona Cardinals!  We went over to Tammy and John's house for a football party.... there was lots of food, but my favorite were the Philly pretzel bites platter with various dipping sauces.  Let's just say that we were the only Cardinal fans in the room and if you watched the game then you know that it was a very embarrassing game for Eagle fans:(  Probably not the best game for us to be present at people's 1st time inviting us over:)

We also bought another car...we only came with 1 car here to NJ.  So, we bought a Jeep Commander... love it!  We really wanted something with a 3rd row... I really tried to think about minivan.  They are very practical when it comes to kids but we just couldn't bring ourselves to it:)

Tonight was soccer pictures.  Daniel really doesn't do good if I plan too much stuff after school as he is so exhausted from school and he just wants to come home and eat and play:)  Once again, he asked if he could take tomorrow off from school... LOL!  So funny as he just told me a few days ago that he likes being at school more than being at home.  Emotions... they are fickle!

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