Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Country Club Life!

My sister's last day with us was Sunday:( So, we went to the early service at church then headed to Seville Country Club for Kenzie's birthday party! Let me just tell you... it was one of the most relaxing birthday parties EVER and to top it off, we felt like we were on vacation!

They rented a HUGE cabana and a couple of smaller ones (no pictures!) which were amazing because they felt air conditioned underneath although I don't think they were!

Inside the cabana was fresh squeezed lemonade and a delish herbal iced tea which made great Arnold Palmers:) Then for lunch, our whole meal was catered by the country club restaurant! Yes, we felt like we were totally on vacation!!!!!!!

Did I mention how amazing their pool is???????????

We had some problems with Ms. Independent! She did not want to be touched... she wanted to act like the big kids and be totally on her own except she kept falling face first in the water and couldn't stand up again...ughhh!

But, she is just too dang cute!!!!!!!

My BEAUTIFUL sister!

How cool are these chairs just to lounge in the water! I need some more Country Club therapy!

Happy 4th Birthday, Kenzie!

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