Sunday, July 31, 2011

Puking = very FEW pictures!

In my attempt to catch my blog up... I realized I didn't take very many pictures this week...

Saturday... we had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese for Madison's 3rd birthday and I didn't take any pics:( That evening we went to my parents for dinner and I was amazed how all of the trinket toys he got at Chuck E. Cheese kept him busy pretty much the whole night!

Wednesday was our 3rd week of our pre-school group and this is where all the DRAMA started! All of a sudden Katelyn burped then spit up a little which I thought was really weird! THEN all of a sudden she puked all over the place! I was thinking she is too young to get the stomach bug so she must be dehydrated or ate something that didn't settle well with her. We cleaned her up and I was on my way to the Gap because my friend Brooke had put aside some things for me and they only hold them for 24 hours. So.... I literally walked into Gap and Katelyn puked again so I ran out of the store then came round 2 which soaked me head to toe in puke and all over the front sidewalk of Gap! Daniel was getting totally freaked/ grossed out! So, we sat on the curb by our car and stripped Katelyn down.... then I looked at me and thought I am going to strip down too but I thought that I would probably get pulled over for indecent exposure! The 20 min car ride home was awful because I was soaked in puke and smelled like puke....blahhhh!

That evening, Daniel and I went on a "Mommy/ Son" Date. First, we dropped dinner off for a couple who were just able to bring their new baby home from the hospital after weeks/ months in the NICU then we went back to Gap (he LOVES to shop) so he picked out some great things and I picked out some great things... then we went to Panda Express for dinner!

Thursday... Daniel went to the movies with Grandma! That afternoon Paris came over and it was Daniel's week and she educated me on the importance of Block Play and gave me pages and pages on games to play with blocks, etc. That evening.... Brendon and I went on a date night but it ended early because Katelyn puked 3 times at my parents house! ughhh!

Friday afternoon we were going to Andrew's 4th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza and we were all in the car on our way to the party when we heard Katelyn cough then puke EVERYWHERE! All over herself, her car seat, the windows, socks, shoes.... you get the picture! So, Brendon dropped Daniel and I off at the party then he took her home to clean her up and picked us up when the party was over!

I love how Birthday Parties totally wipe my kids out!

This one was a happy camper though... the weird thing is that she would puke but act perfectly normal the rest of the time!

That evening we went to my parents for dinner and she seemed fine!

Then Saturday... we went to the Haymon's for a Couples' Baby Shower (it was actually the first couples' baby shower Brendon and I had ever been to before!) for Andy and Rania Harb. We were all having a great time... kids playing, etc.... it was getting late and we were thinking we were going to leave soon but Katelyn started this coughing thing again so I went to pick her up and BOOM! She puked watermelon all over me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had ate a LOT of watermelon that night but it ALL came up! Fortunately, Nate and Janelle live right around the corner so she went home and got me clothes to change into! I always carry a change of clothes for my kids but who knew that I should start carrying a change of clothes!

Fortunately, that was her last time to throw up:)

However that Sunday night... Brendon left for his trip to Haiti! The kids and I alone for 9 nights! So... stay tuned!

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