Friday, March 22, 2013

JUNE 2012

The first weekend in June we have Leigh Anne's birthday and my dad's birthday!

Daniel also started VBS the 1st week of June!  Besides the normal gym appointments, Paris appointments, dentist appointments, and Beth Moore Bible study (which started this week as well).... we had "play" appointments!

We stopped by Daddy's office... and she loves the white board!

We had some play dates too!

 Brendon spoke at the Casa Grande campus the 2nd Sunday in June

We also went to Artville!

This is the sticker room.... such a cool idea!

Art Projects!

Dress Up Time!

 We also hit up some summer movies at the theater... playdate at our friend's Susan's house.... 

June 17th was Father's Day!

These two little angels are so blessed to have the daddy they have.... they know it, he knows it and I feel abundantly blessed!

My Dad was out of town so we went to lunch with the Haymon's after church....

 The 3rd week of June we hit the Storytime at the library, went to the movies, had Paris over and had lots of gym time... 

Brendon and I were away this weekend as we had been asked to come to a church to see if it was a potential fit for us... it wasn't.....

When we got back, it was Christ Life's VBS and Daniel was a part of it!

We left on a Friday and came back on Monday.... then we turned around and left on Thursday for New Jersey to see if the church here was the fit for us... and it was!

As the saying goes, the rest was history!

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