Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our 1st Family Vacation

... as a family of four!

Brendon and I decided we needed to plan a "family" vacation... as we were discussing it, we decided since our kids are so young and one still takes a long, daily nap (and desperately needs it!)... we decided to rent a cabin in Flagstaff.

One of our clients owns a franchise of Data Doctors and he asked us to do some marketing materials for his cabin in Flagstaff as he wanted to start renting it out.. as soon as we saw the pictures, we asked if we could book a week there:) It was BEAUTIFUL! Even had a theater room!

We had an AMAZING 1st Family Vacation... it was so relaxing... no pressure... we got to work around the kids schedule so they were in a great mood the whole time... they got to run around and just "be kids" so it was very successful! We plan on spending many more weeks in this cabin!

We loved walking to the lake!

Throwing rocks in... teaching Daniel to skip rocks across the pond:)

It was just BEAUTIFUL!

They had a great park that the kids loved playing at...

Every night we would make a fire, do smore's and hot chocolate! The property management team provided as much wood as we needed... there was a wood burning stove in the living room that we loved to light as well!

Of course... there was lots of hiking!

Katelyn thought she was quite the princess in her hiking backpack!

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