Sunday, March 26, 2017

July 26 - August 25 (19 months, 6 years, and 9 years)

I can't believe our 1st born turned 9!  We celebrated with a pool party at the MRA!

Presents at home!

One of our new favorite Ocean City Spots - Drip N Scoop!  This was waffles and ice cream but their donuts and coffee are amazing too!

Magic Show sponsored by our town

Eye Doctor Appointment for the older 2!


Medieval Times!


Their Request - Breakfast at Cracker Barrel!

Our sleeping beauty!

A really fun evening at Broadway at the Beach!

Dinner with my favorites!

These crazies all did the fast and furious speed boat ride!

They they had a super. girly shop and Katelyn decided that this was her night to get her ears pierced!

So we cheered her on and she was VERY BRAVE!

We loved that we got to Sara Grace and her family this time at Wilmington Beach - last year when we were in Myrtle Beach, she had just had her second baby so we didn't get to see them!

Then we left the beach and visited my other college friend Meghan and her family - this year they had a brand new pool put in their backyard so we enjoyed the pool for the afternoon!

Then we went to the country club to have a yummy dinner!

The development we stay in at Myrtle Beach has a beautiful pool too!

Our last night in Myrtle Beach we ate at a delicious seafood restaurant which was right on the water!

Then we drove to Charlotte to visit with my other friend Jill and her family - they are also very involved at Elevation Church so we attended a service with them!

Grace taking a nap with daddy before our ride back to New Jersey!

Riding back to New Jersey - singing in her Elmo microphone!

Back in NJ!

Daniel and Brendon had an opportunity to go to a Phillies Game!


MRA days!

Jamie our babysitter came over for one final night to watch our kiddos before she headed off to her first year of college - we miss her!

Heading to church!

The older kids hung out with the Dice Family one afternoon at a train park and took fun pictures!

I couldn't believe this HUGE bird I saw on our fence!

Grace and I off to see Poppy and Grandma in Arizona!

Happy 19 months old!

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