Friday, July 3, 2015

1 month

Welcome Home, Little One!

Our house had a lot going on in it for the past week.... people had bringing meals every night while Grace and I were in the hospital for my family... my dining room table had so many gifts and cards.... it felt like I had been in a bubble for a long time and I was having to get re-acquainted with the "real world" again.

Grace posing in front of her balloon bouquet, flowers, fruit bouquets.... our little princess!

Back at the pediatrician - our favorite Dr. Thorpe.  I explained that Katelyn had been a little overwhelming and so that is all Dr. Thorpe needed and she gave Katelyn such a big hug and told her congratulations then said that she thinks she would make a great doctor for her sister and she would just assist her:)  If you notice, she was holding all the tools for Dr. Thorpe - it was adorable!

Fusion Church spoiled us like no other - we had weeks of the most amazing meals and desserts brought into our home.... gifts for the kids... people made us feel so loved!

Also, Katelyn was winning an award at School so before we took my parents to the airport, we went to the school chapel to cheer her on!

Her big brother and Mrs. Capito - his 1st grade teacher

Katelyn dancing during praise and worship!

My parents and Grace's 1st time at ACS

Mr. Hitchner gave the message ad asked for volunteers - of course, Katelyn volunteered!

A friend made me a moby wrap so I was freshening up my wrapping skills - had to watch a lot of you tube videos!

On our way to church for her first time at 2 weeks!

Floor playtime with Daddy!

Newborn pics with Julie!

On our way to Pastor Appreciation Chapel at school!

I don't know what we would have done without all of our visitors bringing so much delicious meals for us!

We had a lunch date with Abby and Emily!

School Valentines Day Party!

Sibling love!

3 weeks - on our way to church!

Daniel went home with his friend Anthony from church and they took him ice skating!

Precious toes!

That face!

My morning quiet times - perfection!

My wedding rings!

Playing in the snow!!!

Katelyn's photography skills of me changing diapers!

He loves to hold her at night and rock her to sleep - absolutely precious!


So tiny... even fits on top of my laundry basket:)

Pirates and Princess Party!


Face Painting

Group Shot!

Katelyn jumping on stage and singing "Let it Go" with Elsa!

Story time!

Grace's 1st renewal of vows!

Yes, I still look VERY pregnant!

Came home from church and had the stomach bug!

Yes, we loved for her to sleep with us and she loved napping in our bed!

ruffles on the hiney- love!

Her 1st piece of mail - her social security card!

Bath time - 1 month old!

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