Thursday, March 30, 2017

August 26 - September 25 (20 months, 6 years, and 9 years + Pregnancy Weeks 4 - 8)

We arrived in Phoenix!  Grace got to meet her Great Grandma for the 1st time!

3 generations!  If I were in the picture, it would have been 4 generations:)

I was in Phoenix to speak at a women's retreat for my parents church - the conference was being held at a resort so we got to enjoy the water park!

My Grandma and I at a lunch at the conference!

I also got to meet my new little nephew for the first time!  I think he was 6 months old here!

Phillip playing with Grace's new Kids Kindle!

Phillip having fun snap chatting with Grace!

Waiting on our flight back to NJ!

Labor Day!

A trip to the Aquarium!

1st day of school!

Katelyn - 1st Grade - 1st year of her being at school all day, everyday!

Daniel - 3rd Grade!

Soccer season and it was SO HOT!

 Cuddling/ /Napping with Daddy!

Beautiful Beach Days still!

Back to School Night at Katelyn's school!

My Fall Connect group of ladies kicked off again!

After bath snuggles with these girls - who knew there was another little girl in that belly of mine?

Daniel and Brendon got to go to another Flyers Game!

Learning how to catch "GAME" balls!

Well.... this pregnancy hit me after 6 weeks and my life was consumed with all things GINGER!

Between Daniel and Katelyn playing soccer, we were on the field A LOT!

Our Mays Landing campus opened up and the kids and I went to the Grand Opening - it was SO exciting!

We also found out that a couple that is very involved at Fusion was pregnant on this day too - we had not made our pregnancy public yet so we sent this hilarious Pregnancy Q&A to them!

Katelyn's Soccer Team Picture!

Rainy Days on the soccer field!

We had our OFFICIAL 1st trimester ultrasound and this was the picture that we sent to our family to announce that Baby Wilson #4 was on the way!

Pastor Ed from Gateway Church came in and did a leadership event at our house!  We also announced that night JUST to the leadership team that we were expecting BABY WILSON #4!

We had also just brought on a new couple at Fusion Church - an executive pastor and a children's pastor - out to dinner to celebrate!

I was so proud of Brendon - he had joined Crossfit at the beginning of this year and decided to compete for the first time - we all came out to support him and he did AMAZING!  

Grace wanting more Rice Krispy Treats!  She has not joined the Crossfit Paleo Diet yet!

And now she is 20 months old and no longer the BABY in our family!


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